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Profile Description

  • Code: PROF-TR-SME-46
  • Publication Date: 10/02/2014

Organization details

  • Country: Turkey
  • Organization type: SME
  • Organization description: Erbil is one of the leading providers of engineering, consulting and project design services in Turkey. Our professionals consistently provide a high level of comprehensive and individualized services based on their extensive knowledge and experience. Erbil delivers innovative solutions for both large and small scale projects for domestic and international clients by assisting them in achieving competitive advantages by improving their environmental and engineering performance. A worldwide commitment to supporting sustainable development through responsible environmental stewardship is our underlying philosophy. We have participated in several joint-ventures with international entities (including government bodies, NGOs and corporations) for the purpose of tenders for projects in the environmental, infrastructure and engineering fields announced by the European Union Commission. a

Sector of interest

  • Horizon 2020 Programmes: Climate action, resource efficiency and raw materials
  • Research topic:


  • Description of the expertise: Erbil has a high level of expertise in EU-funded project participation as a result of the extensive experience in providing consultancy and management for a number of EC programmes, LdV pilot and ToI projects. Erbil's services include support for environmental planning and program management, environmental compliance, environmental restoration, waste management and pollution prevention, water resources projects, water supply, water treatment and distribution network, sewerage systems, storm water projects, transportation projects, mechanical engineering, geo-technical engineering and soil testing.
  • Keywords describing the expertise offered: Waste Water and Transport Consultancy
  • Committment offered: Management

Previous experience in FP Project

  • Former participation in FP European Projects?: No

International Cooperation

  • Interest in international cooperation: Yes
  • Geographical area(s) of interest: Mediterranean area

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