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Profile Description

  • Code: PROF-IT-SME-44
  • Publication Date: 13/02/2014

Organization details

  • Country: Italy
  • Organization type: SME
  • Organization description: N Zero is a innovative startup located in Tuscany, Italy. I have ten years experience in IT consulting and software development, i have participated as freelance consultant at two EC projects: GALATEAS and CACAO, focused on natural language processing and big data analysis. I wanted to start my own company to develop personal projects based on innovative technologies and find partners in EC.a

Sector of interest

  • Horizon 2020 Programmes: Information & communication technologies, Science with and for society, Secure, clean and efficient energy
  • Research topic:


  • Description of the expertise: N Zero develop software for enterprise (j2ee, c, php, python) and mobile (android, IOS). We have experience with virtualization technologies (vmware, xen, openvz) and server operating system (unix, windows server). Our expertise include: * Linux System Administration * Windows Server * Cloud Computing * Amazon Web Services (AWS) * Cluster * Virtualization * VMware * Xen * OpenVZ * Linux KVM * VirtualBox * C * C++ Language * Java Enterprise Edition * Struts * Perl * Python * PHP * Symfony * Network Administration * Disaster Recovery * Network Security * Wireless * Cisco IOS * Android Development * Mobile Technology * Internet * Asterisk * VoIP * LAMP administration * Apache * MySQL * PostgreSQL * Business Intelligence * Pentaho * Jasper Reports * Electronics * Microcontrollers * Information Architecture * NoSQL * MongoDB * Linux * iPhone Application Development * OS X * OpenCV * SimpleCV Check my Linkedin profile at:
  • Keywords describing the expertise offered: Sofrware Development, Server, virtualization, cloud computing
  • Committment offered: Research, Demonstration

Previous experience in FP Project

  • Former participation in FP European Projects?: Yes
  • Project Title/Acronym: Galateas, Cacao
  • Activities performed: Research

International Cooperation

  • Interest in international cooperation: Yes
  • Geographical area(s) of interest: Mediterranean area

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