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Code Organization Type Keywords Country Publication Date Topic
PROF-IT-SME-802 SME additive manufacturing , engineering , robotic Italy 19/04/2017 additive manufacturing
PROF-IT-SME-783 SME road; road safety; asset management; transport plan; traffic studies; tunnel safety; tolling strategy Italy 04/11/2016 MG 7.1; MG 7.2; MG 8.2
PROF-IT-OTH-544 Other hands-on exhibits, exhibitions, training, science museum, non formal education, participatory planning, focus-groups, quality evaluation, communication, graphic design, social media, digital content, project management. Italy 05/11/2015 SEAC-2015-1; ISSI-2015-1
PROF-IT-OTH-623 Other Advice Italy 05/11/2015
PROF-IT-SME-514 SME turning machining, grinding, quality and control department automotive hydraulic industrial Italy 17/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-503 Industry High vacuum test chambers, altitude test chambers, environmental stress screening (ESS) chambers, vibration test chambers, test facilities for fusion energy, test systems for energy batteries, thermal shock chambers, drive in chambers, calorimeters. Italy 13/03/2015 LCE-03-2015, LCE-06-2015, LCE-09-2015, EO-3-2015, SCC-01-2015, GV.6-2015, GV.8-2015
PROF-IT-RES-465 Research Center Waste recycling & valorisation; renewable energy technologies; Air quality impact from agricultural wastes Italy 20/02/2015 WASTE-7-2015: Ensuring sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-products. SFS-2B-2015 Assessing soil-improving cropping systems
PROF-IT-SME-405 SME FPGA, DSP, HDL Italy 04/11/2014
PROF-GR-SME-360 SME Research and Development, Open IT systems support, Consultancy services, Utility and GRID Computing, Business intelligence solutions Greece 16/10/2014
PROF-IL-SME-350 SME RADAR, signal processing, DSP, RF Israel 25/08/2014
PROF-IT-RES-341 Research Center RF component design, electromagnetic simulation, RF measurements Italy 21/08/2014
PROF-CY-SME-217 SME Research, Development, ICT, Telecommunications, Space, Health Cyprus 26/05/2014
PROF-IT-SME-111 SME dissemination,horizon 2020, marketing, exploitation Italy 09/05/2014 Supporting in proposals, dissemination, communication, public and institutional relations.
PROF-IT-SME-69 SME Research & Development, composite materials, carbon fiber, vegetable fiber, basalt fiber, nautical design, carbon footprint, material testing, structural bonding, non-destructive testing, prototyping, renewable energy, nano technologies. Italy 17/04/2014
PROF-IT-SME-57 SME inflatable, safety system, de-orbiting, descent system, parachute Italy 14/02/2014 COMPET-01-2014, COMPET-07-2014, PROTEC-01-2015
PROF-IT-IND-42 Industry power semiconductors Italy 12/02/2014 H2020-LCE-2014-1
PROF-IT-SME-23 SME image processing, Earth Observation Italy 10/02/2014 FETHPC 1 HPC Core Techs, Programming Env and algorithms
PROF-IT-SME-37 SME research, develop, consultancy, project management, software, business intelligence, energy, complex systems, networks, satellite, mobile devices Italy 10/02/2014 H2020-EE-2014-2-RIA or H2020-LCE-2014-3
PROF-IT-SME-16 SME design composite structural thermal biomedical Italy 23/01/2014


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