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Security society

Code Organization Type Keywords Country Publication Date Topic
PROF-IT-UNI-784 University deep learning Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-SME-778 SME Hw, Sw, FPGA, ASIC, Linux Kernel, IoT, smart city Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-SME-779 SME Biosensors, SPR and Electrochemical sensor, environmental, food, health monitoring Italy 04/11/2016 SFS 10-2017 - NMBP 13-2017 SMEinst 13 2016-2017
PROF-PL-OTH-755 Other diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, surgery, computed tomography, coronary angiography, computed tomography angiography, cardiac magnetic resonance, cardiac SPECT, broad spectrum of CT and X-ray diagnosis Poland 06/07/2016 Health, Telemedical projects
PROF-IT-SME-723 SME consulting, training, analysis, risk assessment, logistics, support Italy 27/04/2016 H2020-SEC-2016-2017
PROF-IT-PRI-694 Private Organization Security, defence, intelligence, international cooperation, industry, foreign policy, terrorism, crisis, geopolitics, analysis, research. Italy 18/03/2016
PROF-IT-OTH-693 Other Appraisal of project proposal Feasibility Study Project Management Monitoring and Ex-post Evaluation Training Internal procedures development Development of communication Study and Research RCT (randomized controlled trial) Italy 29/02/2016 SEC-06-FCT-2016
PROF-GB-SME-692 SME ethics, fundamental rights, privacy and data protection, policy issues, research ethics, corporate governance, impact assessments United Kingdom 22/02/2016
PROF-IT-SME-690 SME Semantic analysis, big data analysis, entity recognition, semantic search, categorization Italy 15/02/2016 ICT-14 2016-2017 Big Data PPP: cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation
PROF-SK-UNI-311 University languages, communication, cultures, cultural heritage, cultural literacy, interculturality, intercomprehension, identities, genre, European citizenship, democratic discourses, history, migration, young generation, innovation, plurilinguism, media, education and training, literary science, philosophy, human rights, applied ethics, sociology Slovakia 29/12/2015 UNDERSTANDING EUROPE - PROMOTING THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC AND CULTURAL SPACE; REVERSING INEQUALITIES AND PROMOTING FAIRNESS; Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens
PROF-AT-SME-654 SME + Quantitative Surveys + Qualitative Research + Responsible Research and Innovation + Focus Groups + Ethical Guidelines and Monitoring + Stakeholder Studies + Privacy and Data Management + Open Science and Access + Safety and Security + Criminology + Conflict and Dispute Resolution + Migrant Integration + Dissemination Channels + Ethical and Privacy Assessment + Demonstration Activities and Pilots + Network of Security Organisations, + ICT for Society and Future Tech + Open, Big and Social Data + Data Analytics + Information Visualisation + Urban Futures and Smart Cities + Security and Urban Governance + Dissemination Channels + Demonstration Activities and Pilots, Austria 17/12/2015
PROF-IT-RES-650 Research Center legal, costumers' protection, training, research Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-GB-UNI-619 University Social Psychology; Citizenship; Inequality; Integration; Mixed-methods research United Kingdom 09/11/2015 REV-INEQUAL-07-2016; REV-INEQUAL-05-2016; CULT-COOP-10-2017
PROF-IT-UNI-613 University Experimental psychology research Italy 05/11/2015 SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017: Sub-topic 5.New methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate high impact domestic violence; SC1-PM-07–2017: Promoting mental health and well-being in the young; SFS-38-2016: Impulsivity and compulsivity and the link with nutrition, lifestyle and the socio-economic environment
PROF-IT-SME-624 SME Coomunication Italy 05/11/2015
PROF-IT-SME-620 SME Cognitive Computing, Big data analysis, Question&answering, Natural Language Processing, Entity Extraction, Multilinguality Italy 27/10/2015 ICT-14 2016; ICT19 2017; CIP-01 2016
PROF-FI-PRI-621 Private Organization Internet economy, cloud computing, Internet of Things, digital services, big data, security, co-creation, collaboration, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) Finland 27/10/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-598 Private Organization geopolitics, dissemination, publishing, young networks Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-594 SME European Progect Management Italy 17/09/2015 DRS 01 2015
PROF-IT-UNI-468 Other active Professional Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-606 SME ICT design and prototyping, technology feasibility reporting Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-RO-SME-597 SME exploitation, dissemination, communication Romania 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-584 SME UAVs, multipurpose telescopic poles, photogrammetry, engineering R&D Italy 28/07/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-579 Public Administration Health, Research, International Cooperation Italy 21/07/2015
PROF-RO-SME-563 SME GIS; Cloud; UAV; SCADA Romania 30/06/2015 DRS1/9/12/18; from BES1 to 4/6; FCT3-5-6-9; DS5-3
PROF-FR-SME-562 SME GPS-free navigation & positioning technology from inertial and magnetic data. France 30/06/2015 FCT-01-2015 and BES-10-2015
PROF-IT-UNI-548 University disaster; water; law Italy 30/06/2015 DRS-10-2015
PROF-IT-IND-559 Industry X ray baggage scanner Italy 30/06/2015
PROF-SK-SME-561 SME technologies of i2, Autonomy, IBM, HP, rola Security Solutions, NEC, Tableau software, ACL, Arbutus, SpeechTech and others. Slovakia 30/06/2015 FCT-01-2015: Forensics topic 1: Tools and infrastructure for the extraction, fusion, exchange and analysis of big data including cyber-offenses generated data for forensic investigation FCT-04-2015: Forensics topic 4: Internet Forensics to combat organized crime FCT-06-2015: Law Enforcement capabilities 2: Detection and analysis of terrorist-related content on the Internet
PROF-IT-SME-547 SME design infrastructures, towers, poles, mobile radio stations, LED lighting, renewable energies, security Italy 06/05/2015
PROF-IT-SME-538 SME Building protection, windows Italy 20/04/2015 DRS-14-2015
PROF-IT-PUB-530 Public Administration international competitiveness of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) Italy 07/04/2015
PROF-BE-OTH-516 Other patronage, management, labour law, welfare, unemployment, social dialogue, Belgium 27/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-515 SME rapid prototyping, embedded systems development, market research, reliability tests Italy 17/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-509 SME ITS, sustainable mobility, smart cities Italy 13/03/2015 H2020-MG-2015 - H2020-SCC-2015
PROF-IT-PRI-494 Private Organization Partnership, Cooperation, Human Rights, Hospitality Regional Promotion Italy 20/02/2015
PROF-IT-RES-460 University forensic; dental Age estimation; Forensic Dentistry; migration and asylum procedures Italy 26/01/2015 FCT-2-2015. Forensic topic 2: Advanced easy to use in-situ forensic tools at the scene of crime
PROF-IT-PRI-135 Private Organization project management, co-working, partnership Italy 20/01/2015 Technology, Innovation, Society, Transport, Green, ICT
PROF-IT-RES-446 Research Center Studies, Research, Data collection, Economic analysis, Social research, Cultural research, Questionnaire, Statistical analysis, Applied research, Basic research, Report Writing, Surveys, Qualitative analysis, Education, Training, Labour market, Business, Development, Politics, Gender, Rights, Migration, Mobility, Family, Social exlusion, Crime, Violence, Mass Media Italy 20/01/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-447 Private Organization 10) March 3, 2014: The Institute of Secondary Education "EGIDIO Lanoce" Maglie (LE) inserts the project 'Association ASTREA "BY A FIST TO FEAR" in their orientation program and March 3, 2014 courses began in gym of the 'Institute in via Cesare Battisti 11) March 6, 2014: l 'Association ASTREA begins on 1 Course of Protection, Security and Anti-aggression Woman at the School of Human Sciences "A. Moro" Maglie with the issuance of certificates of participation 12) March 8, 2014: WORLD DAY FOR WOMEN'S RIGHTS. The Association ASTREA sponsored by the Municipality of Maglie organizes an internship free self-defense and safety of women. At the Sports Palace 13) April 1, 2014: l 'Association ASTREA begins the second course Protection, Security and Anti-aggression Woman at the School of Human Sciences "A. Moro" Maglie with the issuance of certificates of participation. 14) April 26, 2014: l 'Association ASTREA, to finish the project "BREAK THE SILENCE", organizes a show against Violence, in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Scorrano with the play "Purple Mon Amour" Voices of the women- Theatre Company CALENDER, a dance against the silences and a slide show on the theme of violence. The association ASTREA has realized, in 'scope of the Project won in the Province of Lecce, 2000 information leaflets on violence to be distributed to students and all Italy 15/01/2015 violence against women and bullying in schools
PROF-IT-SME-426 SME software engineering software quality assurance embedded systems monitoring systems Italy 09/01/2015 DRS-1-2015 DS-1-2014 DS-2-2014
PROF-IT-SME-445 SME System Architecture, HW design, SW design, FPGA, Management Center, Zabbix Italy 22/12/2014
PROF-AT-SME-428 SME ICT and Society, Open Data, Big Data, Information Visualisation, Austria 02/12/2014 ICT and Society, Open Data, Big Data, Information Visualisation, Software Development, Collaboration Platforms
PROF-GR-SME-360 SME Research and Development, Open IT systems support, Consultancy services, Utility and GRID Computing, Business intelligence solutions Greece 16/10/2014
PROF-IT-RES-384 Research Center leading-edge, privacy, security, socio-technical, cybersecurity, open Web Italy 16/10/2014
PROF-BE-PUB-340 Public Administration Expertise Human resources Testing Belgium 05/08/2014 FCT-12-2014 Urban security topic 3: Minimum intrusion tools for de-escalation during mass gatherings improving citizens’ protection
PROF-SK-SME-324 SME GIS HQSE mobile guard senior Slovakia 29/07/2014 FCT-10-2014 FCT-12-2014 PHC-24-2015
PROF-SK-SME-320 SME Mobile application Sensor Communication Slovakia 29/07/2014 DRS 19-2014
PROF-IT-CON-205 Consultant ambiente e energia Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-ES-PRI-199 Private Organization Security Spain 18/07/2014 DRS-9-2014-2015
PROF-SI-RES-220 Research Center R&D, Project Management Slovenia 18/07/2014
PROF-ES-SME-227 SME electrical engineering diving equipment robotics underwater technology Spain 18/07/2014
PROF-DE-SME-267 SME Finite-Element-Method, structural health monitoring, active vibration/noise control, airplane crash, earthquake Germany 18/07/2014
PROF-PL-UNI-294 University violence Poland 09/07/2014 social science, demographic change, heatlh
PROF-GR-SME-287 SME ICT, mobile apps Greece 09/07/2014
PROF-FI-RES-237 Research Center research, management Finland 04/06/2014 PHC 21 – 2015: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: Early risk detection and intervention PHC 24 – 2015: Piloting personalised medicine in health and care systems PHC 27 – 2015: Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICT
PROF-DK-UNI-222 University culture; social organisation; risk and resilience Denmark 03/06/2014 DRS-21-2014
PROF-IT-PRI-202 Private Organization sustainable development, equal opportunities Italy 28/04/2014
PROF-IT-RES-191 Research Center meteorological data quality control, data rescue, agrometeorological monitoring Italy 17/04/2014 agrometeorological forecasts, climate change, Extreme events, Environmental management risk
PROF-IT-OTH-36 Other Innovation Economic, resources, Aggregation, Professionalization Italy 07/02/2014 Sustainable Development - Youth Education - Digital Culture
PROF-IT-SME-17 SME radar surveillance system, navigation, safety critical SW, realtime SW Italy 23/01/2014 GALILEO-2-2014-2015, SCC-1-2024-2015, BES-1-2014


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