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Secure, clean and efficient energy

Code Organization Type Keywords Country Publication Date Topic
PROF-IT-PRI-777 Private Organization ENERGY AUDIT, TRANING, MANAGEMENT Italy 04/11/2016 EE-09-2016-2017
PROF-IT-PRI-776 Private Organization Agriculture, food, sustainabilty, environment Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-SME-778 SME Hw, Sw, FPGA, ASIC, Linux Kernel, IoT, smart city Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-PRI-769 Private Organization research and development of business Italy 11/08/2016
PROF-IT-CON-771 Consultant automation systems, energy monitoring Italy 11/08/2016
PROF-IT-PUB-757 Public Administration environment, agricolture, smart cities Italy 06/07/2016
PROF-IT-SME-738 SME E.S.CO. , ENERGY SERVICE Italy 01/06/2016 EE-06-2016-2017, RUR-09-2017, SMEInst-01-2016-2017
PROF-IT-RES-720 Research Center transport, logistics, energy and ICT Italy 17/05/2016 EE-06-2016-2017, EE-07-2016-2017, EE-09-2016-2017,
PROF-IT-IND-672 Industry Wine making Italy 27/04/2016
PROF-IT-SME-723 SME consulting, training, analysis, risk assessment, logistics, support Italy 27/04/2016 H2020-SEC-2016-2017
PROF-IT-UNI-722 University Distributed generation, smart grids, optimization, energy storage Italy 27/04/2016 LCE-01-2016-2017; LCE-02-2016; LCE-03-2016
PROF-IT-SME-714 SME Micro grid Italy 21/03/2016 Smart Grid
PROF-IT-PRI-704 Private Organization Incubation, Business Plan, Innovation, Support Action, Start Up, Italy 07/03/2016
PROF-IT-UNI-697 University autism spectrum disorders, Specific Learning Disorders, ICT for the disabled, new technologies for access to higher scientific education by young people with disabilities, OCR Italy 29/02/2016 ICT-23-2017
PROF-IT-IND-240 Industry Design and compounding of thermoplastic materials, Industrial demonstration, Testing of thermoplastic materials, Batch-polymerization. Italy 17/02/2016 H2020-JTI-FCH-2015-1, H2020-BBI-PPP-2015-1-1, H2020-CS2-CFP02-2015-02 (CLEANSKY)
PROF-FR-UNI-601 University heat transfer ; solar energy France 17/02/2016
PROF-IT-PUB-691 Public Administration waste Italy 15/02/2016
PROF-IT-SME-671 SME biomass, gasifiers, design, construction Italy 25/01/2016
PROF-AL-CON-677 Consultant Energy efficency, Building automation, smart city, Renewable energy Albania 25/01/2016 Energy efficency, Building automation, smart city, Renewable energy
PROF-IT-CON-661 Consultant energy efficiency Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-ES-SME-653 SME transition, human and automated driving, driver monitoring Spain 21/12/2015 ART-04-2016: Safety and end-user acceptance aspects of road automation in the transition period
PROF-IT-SME-658 SME Energy efficiency, engaging stakeholders, appliances, labelling, environmental education Italy 21/12/2015 EE-06-2016-2017, EE-07-2016-2017, EE-09-2016-2017
PROF-IL-RES-659 Research Center aquaculture; antibiotics Israel 21/12/2015 SFS-23-2016; SFS-32-2017
PROF-IT-PRI-645 SME Organization of events, thematic meetings, seminars, workshops. Technical information, analysis, communication (4 technical web portals, production of reports, working and position papers, ebooks). Networking activities. Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-646 Private Organization Environment, Forests, Certification, Sustainable forest management, Chain of custody Italy 02/12/2015 Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy; Secure, clean and efficient energy; Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
PROF-HU-PRI-649 Private Organization energy efficiency, policy research, SEAP, municipalities, climate adaptation Hungary 02/12/2015 EE-06-2016-2017, EE-08-2016, EE-09-2016-2017, LCE-31-2016-2017
PROF-IT-UNI-651 University Refrigeration, Ejector Technology, Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, Heat & Mass transfer, Energy storage (CAES), Irreversible Thermodynamics Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-643 Private Organization container terminals - intermodality - logistics Italy 27/11/2015 MG-3.4-2016 MG-6.2-2016 MG-7.3-2017
PROF-IT-OTH-623 Other Advice Italy 05/11/2015
PROF-IT-SME-624 SME Coomunication Italy 05/11/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-609 Public Administration policy maker, regulator, policy advisor Italy 29/09/2015
PROF-IT-CON-608 Consultant Energy Efficiency in buildings Italy 29/09/2015 Call EE 10 -2016, EE-11 2016-2017, EE 13 – 2016, EE-14-2016-2017
PROF-IT-RES-610 Research Center Nanomaterials, Oxides, Vapor-phase synthesis, Characterization, Morphology, Structure, Composition, Gas sensors, Photocatalysis, Energy-efficient buildings Italy 29/09/2015 EEB-01-2016, EEB-02-2016, NMBP-17-2016
PROF-AT-IND-558 Industry high precision, meteorology, Austria 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-567 SME Web, Data, Analysis, Visualisation, Design, Graphics, Info-graphics, Video, Journalism, News, Information, Communication, Marketing, Reports, Management Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-HU-SME-560 SME Renewable energy, industrial hemp construction, solar, geothermal, smart city Hungary 14/07/2015
PROF-IE-UNI-569 Research Center information communication technology (ICT), information systems, network technologies, big data, constraint, data analytics, optimisation text-mining, natural language processing, stream processing, graph analytics, social web systems, feedback strategies, sensor web, algorithmic decision theory, decision analytics, raw data, semantic data, innovation, network of knowledge, egovernment, digital humanities, machine learning, sensing activities, sensing behaviour. Ireland 14/07/2015
PROF-IT-SME-556 SME Ui & UX Design, Branding, Content Design, Visual Design, WEB development, Mobile development, virtual reality, augmented reality Italy 30/06/2015
PROF-IT-SME-555 SME Pyrolysis, Hydrotermal Liquefaction, Biofuel, Bio-Oil, Renewables Energy. Italy 09/06/2015 LCE-11-2014/2015 ; SC5-12-2014-2015 ; WASTE-7-2015
PROF-IT-PRI-517 Private Organization Management Italy 12/05/2015
PROF-IT-SME-547 SME design infrastructures, towers, poles, mobile radio stations, LED lighting, renewable energies, security Italy 06/05/2015
PROF-AL-OTH-539 Other Renewable Power, Heat, cooling and CHP, energy efficiency, Solar heating, Wind power, Biogas, PV Solar Albania 20/04/2015
PROF-IT-RES-536 Research Center Industrial symbiosis, biomass, green chemistry, LCA, Energy Audit, Biogas Italy 13/04/2015 SMEINST2-2015, ISIB2015-1, SMEINST1-2015
PROF-BE-SME-531 SME optimisation, customised tools, quantitative techniques, modeling Belgium 07/04/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-530 Public Administration international competitiveness of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) Italy 07/04/2015
PROF-IT-SME-532 SME Environment, water, climate action, sustainable agriculture, secure, clean and efficient energy, ICT, health, water resource management, GIS, software Italy 07/04/2015 H2020-WATER, H2020-ICT, H2020-EE
PROF-IT-RES-518 Research Center Fishery biologist - Ecologist Italy 31/03/2015 Fishery research - Anthropic impact on marine habitats
PROF-IT-SME-519 SME renewable energy energy saving global service Italy 31/03/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-501 University nanomaterial synthesis, nanoscience and nanotechnology, solar fuels, environmental remediation, sustainable energy, advanced materials Italy 17/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-514 SME turning machining, grinding, quality and control department automotive hydraulic industrial Italy 17/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-509 SME ITS, sustainable mobility, smart cities Italy 13/03/2015 H2020-MG-2015 - H2020-SCC-2015
PROF-IT-SME-503 Industry High vacuum test chambers, altitude test chambers, environmental stress screening (ESS) chambers, vibration test chambers, test facilities for fusion energy, test systems for energy batteries, thermal shock chambers, drive in chambers, calorimeters. Italy 13/03/2015 LCE-03-2015, LCE-06-2015, LCE-09-2015, EO-3-2015, SCC-01-2015, GV.6-2015, GV.8-2015
PROF-IT-UNI-467 University Energy systems, renewable energy, sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, control systems Italy 20/02/2015 Technology for district heating and cooling EE-13-2015
PROF-IT-UNI-466 University polygeneration, LED, Daylight Italy 09/02/2015 SCC-01-2015, EE-06-2015, EE-06-2015,
PROF-IT-UNI-416 University Refrigeration, Vapour Compression plant, Heat Pumps, Transcritical cycle, Two Phase flow, Convective Boiling, Magnetic Refrigeration Italy 09/02/2015 EE2-2015; EE14-2014/2015; LCE2 2014/2015
PROF-IT-RES-462 Research Center The activities programme of the technological pole includes theoretical and experimental studies on: “zero emissions” technologies for power generation; production of liquid fuels from coal; CCS technologies; integrations between power generation technologies from renewable sources (mainly biomass and solar) and thermoelectric power generation plants fed with fossil fuels; oxy-combustion technologies; energy efficiency. In addition to the research and development activities Sotacarbo realises dissemination activities such as a CCS summer school for university students; educational paths for students of primary and seconday school. Italy 04/02/2015 SEAC; EE; ISSI
PROF-IT-SME-457 SME Fermentation processes and technologies, downstream processes, bioremediation, biofuels, R&D in bio-based products, microalgae, plant and mammalian cells Italy 03/02/2015 WASTE-7-2015, ISIB-06-2015, BIOTEC-2-2015, BIOTEC-6-2015, SPIRE-5-2015
PROF-IT-RES-459 Research Center MOF synthesis, BN hydrides synthesis Italy 03/02/2015 FCH-JU
PROF-IT-RES-463 Research Center The activities programme of the technological pole includes theoretical and experimental studies on: “zero emissions” technologies for power generation; production of liquid fuels from coal; CCS technologies; integrations between power generation technologies from renewable sources (mainly biomass and solar) and thermoelectric power generation plants fed with fossil fuels; oxy-combustion technologies; energy efficiency. In addition to the research and development activities Sotacarbo realises dissemination activities such as a CCS summer school for university students; educational paths for students of primary and seconday school. Italy 03/02/2015 SEAC; EE; ISSI
PROF-IT-SME-444 SME market uptake Italy 22/01/2015 Calls of LCE and EE
PROF-IT-SME-445 SME System Architecture, HW design, SW design, FPGA, Management Center, Zabbix Italy 22/12/2014
PROF-IT-CON-434 SME architecture, landscape, environment, energy, smart energy, smart cities Italy 03/12/2014
PROF-IE-PRI-420 Private Organization next generation security and energy systems, building, aerospace Ireland 02/12/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-432 Private Organization SMEs support, training, internationalization, dissemination Italy 02/12/2014
PROF-PL-SME-419 SME environmental footprint, carbon footprint, water footprint, life cycle assessment, climate change, climate issues, corporate social responsibilities (CSR), non-financial reporting, environmental managment, sustainable cities strategy, eco-innovation, circular economy Poland 21/11/2014
PROF-IT-PRI-411 Other food production, agricultural, dissemination, training, certification, technical rules, standards, Italy 17/11/2014
PROF-IT-RES-414 Research Center magnetism superconductivity magnetocaloric energy nanomedicine MRI Italy 17/11/2014
PROF-IT-SME-404 SME thin film, surfaces, characterization, etching, electronics Italy 04/11/2014
PROF-BG-IND-395 Industry energy, energy efficiency, cogeneration, heat, electricity, grid Bulgaria 16/10/2014 H2020-EE-2015-4 MarketUptake, H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA, H2020-LCE-2015-2
PROF-IT-PUB-362 Public Administration smart cities, mobility, sustainable energy, urban planning, eGovernment, urban security Italy 16/10/2014
PROF-LT-RES-394 Research Center metrology, measurements, research Lithuania 16/10/2014
PROF-PL-OTH-392 Other management, engineering, research, consortium creation, application, networking Poland 14/10/2014
PROF-SK-UNI-371 University Project Management, Financial Management, Economic Analysis, Marketing, Interdisciplinary Research, Biomedicine, New Materials, Social Challenges Slovakia 15/09/2014 EE-11-2015
PROF-SK-UNI-370 University Piston Internal Combustion Engine, Cogeneration Unit, Alternative Fuels, Process gases – Syngases, Renewable Energy Sources Slovakia 15/09/2014 EE-13-2015; LCE-19-2015
PROF-RS-UNI-369 University sustainable building research and education, building certification, building typology development, methodology for building assessment and refurbishment Serbia 11/09/2014 H2020-EE-2015-4-PDA– ENERGY EFFICIENCY - MARKET UPTAKE PDA (deadline 04/06/2015) H2020-EE-2015-3 MarketUptake – ENERGY EFFICIENCY - MARKET UPTAKE (deadline 04/06/2015)
PROF-RS-RES-368 Research Center energy efficiency, climate changes, waste management, environmental, urban, spatial planning, bioclimatic and energy efficient architecture, demography, social sciences. Serbia 11/09/2014 H2020-EE-2015-1-PPP – Energy efficiency – PPP EeB and Spire (deadline 04/02/2015) H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA – Energy efficiency research and innovation (deadline 04/06/2015) H2020-SCC-2015 – Smart cities and communities (deadline 05/05/2014)
PROF-IT-UNI-365 University biofuels biochemicals biomass bioenergy Italy 09/09/2014
PROF-TR-IND-241 Industry Biometry, Hand Vein Biometry, Machine Vision, Semantics Turkey 29/08/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-278 Other Culture, Heritage, Science, Environment, Water, STI, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Heritage, Water Italy 29/08/2014 ALL - GERI.1.2014; SC5-18-2014/2015; SC5-10-2014/2015
PROF-ES-SME-284 SME energy Spain 29/08/2014
PROF-IT-SME-356 SME green energy systems energy efficient solution Italy 27/08/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-348 University biomass conversion, chemical engineering, biologist Italy 25/08/2014 WASTE-7-2015; GV-6-2015
PROF-GB-TRA-337 Trade association LOW-CARBON ENERGY United Kingdom 04/08/2014
PROF-GB-PRI-336 Private Organization LOW-CARBON ENERGY United Kingdom 04/08/2014
PROF-GB-TRA-335 Trade association LOW-CARBON ENERGY United Kingdom 04/08/2014
PROF-HR-SME-331 SME IoT; eGovernment; eHealth; Mobile, Mobility; Postal business optimization; ; Public services optimization Croatia 30/07/2014 ICT 8 – 2015; ICT 16 – 2015; ICT 30 – 2015; SCC 1; PHC 21
PROF-HR-SME-330 SME Big Data research and application; IoT; eHealth; Mobile, Mobility; Software Development; eGovernment Croatia 30/07/2014 ICT 8 – 2015; ICT 16 – 2015; ICT 30 – 2015; SCC 1; PHC 21
PROF-IE-IND-269 Industry Power generation, Clean-tech, Biomass, Renewable Resources, Sustainable product development, Water conservation, Wind energy, Energy efficiency, Biodiversity Ireland 29/07/2014
PROF-ES-SME-323 SME polymer, plastic, metal, process, design, materials, packaging Spain 28/07/2014
PROF-IT-RES-319 Research Center : Resource efficiency and Raw Materials, renewable energy technologies, energy systems technologies, environment, sustainable use of agricultural wastes, sustainable food processing, sustainable agriculture, biotechnologies and advanced materials, biotechnological exploitation and sustainable use of fungi. Italy 22/07/2014 Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials – WASTE-7-2015 – Ensuring sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-products; BIO-BASED INDUSTRY PPP - BBI.VC1.R1 – Efficient pre-treatment of lignocellulosic feedstock to advanced bio-based chemicals and biomaterials; Call for competitive low-carbon energy – LCE-21-2015 – Modelling and analyzing the energy system, its transformation and impacts.
PROF-IT-PRI-306 Private Organization awareness, dissemination, support, tools, dialogue, public Italy 21/07/2014 LCE 20
PROF-IT-RES-318 Research Center carbon footprint, environmental footprint, water footprint, energy efficiency, energy planning, analysis and models of territory management, costs-benefits and multi-criteria analyses; territory such as strategic planning and programming, management of the territory (large area and local level), studies of environmental impacts and strategic environmental evaluation; Italy 21/07/2014 WATER-1-2014/2015, EE 2 – 2015: Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings, EE 1 – 2014: Manufacturing of prefabricated modules for renovation of building
PROF-IT-CON-205 Consultant ambiente e energia Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-136 University computational analysis, stress analysis, bonded joints, harvesting Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-TRA-176 Trade association Energy policies, data collection, dissemination, training Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-224 Public Administration Pubblic Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-DE-SME-267 SME Finite-Element-Method, structural health monitoring, active vibration/noise control, airplane crash, earthquake Germany 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-140 Other energy efficiency, sustainable mobility Italy 18/07/2014 EE-05-2015; EE-09-2015; EE-07-2015
PROF-IT-IND-298 Industry pure gas and mixture supplier, gas analysis, analytical, chemical and microbiological services Italy 16/07/2014
PROF-ES-SME-289 SME energy* efficiency* tunnels* Spain 04/07/2014 EeB 07-2015
PROF-HU-UNI-251 University LED,SSL,mesopic vision,light source colour quality, photometry Hungary 04/07/2014 EE-10-2015, LCE-20-2014, SCC-01-2015, LCE-18-2015
PROF-IE-IND-270 Industry Power generation, Clean-tech, Biomass, Renewable Resources, Sustainable product development, Water conservation, Wind energy, Energy efficiency, Biodiversity Ireland 03/07/2014 SC5-7-2015, WASTE-7-2015, LCE-1–2014
PROF-IT-SME-273 SME architecture, engineering, environment Italy 03/07/2014 H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA, H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA, H2020-REFLECTIVE-6-2015
PROF-IT-OTH-262 University Cogeneration, district heating and cooling, process integration, energy saving, refrigeration, thermal systems Italy 03/07/2014 EE-2015-2-RIA, LCE-2015-2, EE-2015-4-PDA
PROF-IT-SME-244 SME environmental design, bioclimatic research, urban design, architectural design Italy 03/07/2014 BG 12-2014-1, BG 12-2015-1
PROF-IT-PRI-174 Private Organization Communication, Local climate strategies Italy 19/06/2014 EE-2015, SCC-2015, DRS-2014-2015
PROF-IE-SME-248 SME Environment, technology, energy Ireland 19/06/2014
PROF-HU-UNI-252 University LED,SSL,mesopic vision,light source colour quality, photometry Hungary 19/06/2014
PROF-IT-SME-254 SME low energy buildings, passivhaus, green building Italy 19/06/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-242 University Energy efficiency in buildings, renewable energies, smart building envelope technologies, energy saving HVAC techniques, dynamic energy performance modelling and simulations Italy 11/06/2014 EE-02-2015 Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings
PROF-IT-SME-232 SME energy efficiency,retrofitting, sustainability, buildings Italy 29/05/2014 Eeb-08-2015, EE-3-2014, EE-5-2014/2015
PROF-SK-RES-225 Research Center energy storage, renewable energy; energy effciency Slovakia 26/05/2014 EE-13; EE-18; LCE-9
PROF-IT-SME-206 SME SMEs in H2020 Italy 26/05/2014
PROF-FR-SME-213 SME Life Cycle Assessment, Waste, Water, Eco-innovation, Energy, Innovative technology France 20/05/2014 WASTE-6-2015, WATER-1-2014/2015
PROF-IT-SME-160 SME energy efficiency, research, development, photovoltaic, wind, biogas Italy 12/05/2014 H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake
PROF-BE-PRI-208 Private Organization csa, enviromenta, energy efficiency Belgium 09/05/2014 EE-7
PROF-IT-SME-198 SME Water reuse, water treatment, waste to energy Italy 24/04/2014
PROF-ES-PRI-197 Private Organization pilot renewable energy projects. Spain 24/04/2014 H2020-EE-2014-3-MarketUptake
PROF-IT-UNI-193 University Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide. Sol gel, hydrothermal synthesis, phase inversion. Polymeric, ceramic, composite, catalytic membranes. Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis, forward osmosis, membrane distillation, membrane contactors. Gas and liquid process streams. Water and wastewater. Italy 17/04/2014
PROF-IT-RES-188 Research Center Protected cultivation, soil solarization, biofumigation, greenhouse covering materials, mulching films, soil disinfestation, land revegetation, plant propagation, vegetable grafting, diseases, virus, floricultural crops, native plants Italy 15/04/2014 SFS-5-2015; SFS-7-2014/2015; SFS-13-2015
PROF-EE-UNI-189 University on-line analysis, quality of fossil fuels, Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) Estonia 15/04/2014 LCE 17 - 2015
PROF-BG-SME-182 SME BigData research and application; Man-machine interactivity; ; Smart Cities; Research infrastructures for the humanities Bulgaria 07/04/2014 ICT 11, 13, 16, 17, 18, 22; SCC 1; ISSI 1, 5; GARRI 2, 3
PROF-SI-UNI-181 University data analytics, data mining and big data Slovenia 07/04/2014 ICT: 15, 16, 20, 21, 32; EUB 1, 2; EUJ 1; FETHPC 1; LCE 7; PHC 21, 28, 30; MG.5.3
PROF-IT-OTH-175 Research Center Energy, Testing, Development, biofuel Romania 02/04/2014 EE 13
PROF-IT-RES-172 Research Center seismic and electromagnetic theory, rock physics, wave modeling, seismic tomography Italy 01/04/2014 H2020-LCE-2014-1
PROF-IT-CON-100 Consultant Architectural Design , Design of Roads , Energy Planning and the study of renewable energy end sport Italy 31/03/2014 Thematic renewable energy, design and sport
PROF-CY-UNI-127 University fuel cell,hybrid fuel, combined cooling-heating, energy analysis Cyprus 31/03/2014 EE13, LCE2, LCE8, LCE17
PROF-IT-SME-165 SME project, prototyping, engineering Italy 28/03/2014 SCC-2014, EE-2014-2-RIA, FETOPEN-2014-2015-2
PROF-IT-UNI-139 University Electrical Systems,Electronics and Circuit Theory,Numerical Simulation,Smart Grids and Smart Energy,Electromechanical Systems,Smart Transportation Italy 26/03/2014 LCE 8-2014, LCE 2-2014,B2.6
PROF-IT-SME-134 SME Smart City Italy 21/03/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-144 Public Administration Water treatments (drinking and waste water) Resource protection Monitoring new pollutants Energy saving Water distribution network Recycling and neuse Italy 20/03/2014
PROF-IS-RES-137 Research Center non metallic products; building material; energy simulation; sustainability Iceland 18/03/2014 EE-1; EE-4; EE-7; EE-10; EE-11; EE-12; EE-13; EE-14; SSC-2; SSC-4
PROF-ES-RES-126 Research Center Gas cleaning, Hear Recovery, Steam boilers Spain 13/03/2014 EE18 - 2014/15
PROF-ES-OTH-125 Other Biofuels, biodiesel, bioethanol, advanced biofuels, sustainability, traceability Spain 13/03/2014 LCE 14 – 2014/2015
PROF-ES-PUB-124 Public Administration Smart meters, monitoring, coaching, energy poverty, vulnerable consumers, education, software, IT tools Spain 13/03/2014 EE 10 - 2014/2015
PROF-ES-SME-123 SME Energy; Efficiency; Innovative Public Procurement; Needs analysis; Hospital Spain 13/03/2014 EE 8-2014; ICT 34-2014
PROF-HR-RES-120 Research Center Marine energy, ocean energy, bioenergy, electricity, heating, cooling, life cycle Croatia 12/03/2014 LCE 2 - 2014/2015; LCE 4 - 2014/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-96 Other Energy efficiency, sustainable development, environment. Italy 04/03/2014 Energy Efficiency Call
PROF-IT-SME-99 SME Solar Renewable Horizon Italy 04/03/2014 LCE2 and LCE3
PROF-BG-IND-98 Industry mobile/web applications; gamification; popular technologies; advanced architecture paradigms; EaaS; IoT Bulgaria 28/02/2014 ICT1- ICT 11- ICT 2- PHC21-PHC 26- SCC1
PROF-IT-RES-97 Research Center gaseous effluents and tannery wastewater treatment Italy 28/02/2014 WATER-3-2014 WATER-1b-2015 WATER-1a-2014
PROF-IT-PUB-92 Public Administration Land use, soil consumption, spatial and urban planning Italy 27/02/2014 SC5-10b-2014
PROF-IT-UNI-78 University Plasma source, CFD simulations, Plasma simulations Italy 19/02/2014 LCE 1 - 2014: New knowledge and technologies; LCE 11 – 2014/2015: Developing next generation technologies for biofuels and sustainable alternative fuels; LCE 12 – 2014/2015: Demonstrating advanced biofuel technologies
PROF-IT-UNI-45 University flexible dye solar cells and modules, laser processing, electrodeposition, Italy 19/02/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-68 University electrochemical characterisation, materials durability, surface engineering, corrosion protection, surface coatings Italy 18/02/2014 EeB-2014, FoF 2015, GV-2014
PROF-MT-SME-73 SME Building, Energy, Efficiency, Automation, SCADA, control Malta 17/02/2014 EE 2 – 2015: Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings, EE 3 – 2014: Energy strategies and solutions for deep renovation of historic buildings, EE 5 – 2014/2015: Increasing energy performance of existing buildings through process and organisation innovations and creating a market for deep renovation
PROF-IT-SME-44 SME Sofrware Development, Server, virtualization, cloud computing Italy 13/02/2014
PROF-IT-IND-42 Industry power semiconductors Italy 12/02/2014 H2020-LCE-2014-1
PROF-IT-SME-37 SME research, develop, consultancy, project management, software, business intelligence, energy, complex systems, networks, satellite, mobile devices Italy 10/02/2014 H2020-EE-2014-2-RIA or H2020-LCE-2014-3
PROF-IT-RES-35 Research Center Oceanography, Geophysics and Marine Geology, Applied Geophysics and exploration Italy 07/02/2014
PROF-IT-RES-29 Research Center sustainable agriculture, marine research, health, renovable energies Italy 30/01/2014
PROF-IT-SME-17 SME radar surveillance system, navigation, safety critical SW, realtime SW Italy 23/01/2014 GALILEO-2-2014-2015, SCC-1-2024-2015, BES-1-2014
PROF-IT-SME-16 SME design composite structural thermal biomedical Italy 23/01/2014
PROF-IT-PRI-1 Private Organization energy, engineering, consultancy, smart, efficiency Italy 23/01/2014


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