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Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research & the bioeconomy

Code Organization Type Keywords Country Publication Date Topic
PROF-IT-UNI-784 University deep learning Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-PRI-776 Private Organization Agriculture, food, sustainabilty, environment Italy 04/11/2016
PROF-IT-SME-779 SME Biosensors, SPR and Electrochemical sensor, environmental, food, health monitoring Italy 04/11/2016 SFS 10-2017 - NMBP 13-2017 SMEinst 13 2016-2017
PROF-IT-RES-781 Research Center Aquatic species, global warming, marine restocking, neurotoxicology, animal welfare, ecotoxicology, neurobehavioural disorder, brain plasticity, brain development Italy 04/11/2016 BG.07.2017 BG.06.2017 SFS.32.2017
PROF-IT-RES-786 Research Center ICT, Signals & Images Italy 04/11/2016 SC1-PM-15-2017 SC1-PM-15-2017 SFS-39-2017
PROF-IT-PUB-757 Public Administration environment, agricolture, smart cities Italy 06/07/2016
PROF-NO-UNI-391 University Analytical characterization of samples and processes Norway 01/06/2016 SFS, BG, RUR
PROF-IT-RES-626 Research Center Seafood, fishery products, aquaculture products, nutritional quality, chemical characterization, bioactive components, safety, mercury levels, freshness indicators. Italy 01/06/2016
PROF-IE-RES-731 Research Center Bioactives, cosmetics, functional ingredients, algae, biomass, valorisation, mammalian cell culture, regenerative medicine, food, SME's, claims, commercilisaiton. Exploiting algae and other aquatic biomass for production of molecules for pharma, nutraceutic, food additives and cosmetic applications Ireland 09/05/2016 BBI 2016.F1; BBI 2016.R9
PROF-HU-RES-733 Research Center agricultural economica; sustainable; soil; farm Hungary 09/05/2016 BBI 2016.D1; BBI 2016.D2; BBI 2016.D3
PROF-IE-RES-730 Research Center carbon dioxide Ireland 27/04/2016 BBI 2016 R1, R8, R9 and R12
PROF-IT-PRI-719 Other dissemination and management Italy 27/04/2016 SFS-34-2017
PROF-CZ-UNI-724 University metabolites Czech Republic 27/04/2016 EIT KICs Call 2016; SFS-2016-2017; SFS-10-2017
PROF-IE-RES-729 Research Center biomass Ireland 27/04/2016
PROF-IE-UNI-728 University Marine Proteins; Bioactive peptides Ireland 27/04/2016
PROF-CZ-UNI-725 University metabolites Czech Republic 26/04/2016 EIT KICs Call 2016
PROF-PL-UNI-718 University water; eranet; pollution; purification; Poland 24/03/2016
PROF-HU-SME-715 SME Data, Big Data, Data Management, Statistics, Medicine, Health, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Food Hungary 24/03/2016
PROF-RO-RES-707 Research Center ethology; ecology; biochemistry; telemetry; fish nutrition Romania 10/03/2016
PROF-RO-PRI-696 Private Organization entrepreneurship, consultancy, training Romania 19/02/2016
PROF-IT-UNI-695 University Bio-Based Industries, Biomass, By-products Italy 17/02/2016 BB-2016-2017, SFS-2016-2017, RUR-2016-2017
PROF-HU-CON-684 Consultant medicinal and aromatic plants, natural substances, feed additives, diversification, new crops, biotechnology Hungary 04/02/2016
PROF-IT-RES-685 Research Center Rodents, carcinogenicity, toxicity, sustainable, safety Italy 04/02/2016 SFS-40-2017: sweeteners and sweetness enhancers
PROF-RO-RES-687 Research Center bluegrow; ecological; Romania 04/02/2016 BLUE GROWTH
PROF-RO-UNI-673 University Food Science, Food Engineering, Functional Food, Food Preservation, Nondestructiv Techniques, authentication of Food products and control of different processes Romania 25/01/2016 Food Science, Food Engineering, Functional Food, Food Preservation, Nondestructiv Techniques, authentication of Food products and control of different processes
PROF-SK-UNI-674 University animal breeding, animal husbandry, livestock, genetic assessment, genetic resources, genomic analyses, animal welfare, local breeds Slovakia 25/01/2016 SFS-15-2016-2017
PROF-RO-UNI-675 Research Center plant genetics and breeding; agricultural experimentation; agricultural research and development Romania 25/01/2016 SFS-42-2016
PROF-GE-UNI-678 University Plant response to biotic and abiotic stresses (Biochemical, genetic); Plant genetics and breeding; Innovative plant protection approaches; Improved crop production methods; Agricultural research and development Georgia 25/01/2016 SFS-26-2016; SFS-01-2016; SFS-17-2017
PROF-IT-SME-682 SME software requirement analysis and testing Italy 25/01/2016
PROF-IT-UNI-681 University Precision Farming particularly Drones, Dry Farming, Water Conservation and various applications Italy 25/01/2016 RUR-10-2016-2017:Thematic Networks compiling knowledge ready for practice
PROF-IT-RES-667 Research Center plant genetics and breeding; tropical extension services; agricultural experimentation; agricultural research and development Italy 07/01/2016 SFS-42-2016
PROF-IT-PRI-665 Private Organization Farming. Growing crops. Breeding livestock. Renewable energy crops. Solar farm (photovoltaic). Wood based energy crops. Permanent pastures. Italy 07/01/2016 SFS.05.2017 or SFS.06.2016
PROF-IT-UNI-664 University host-pathogen interaction; zoonoses; Cystic fibrosis Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-IT-SME-663 SME software development cloud prototype machine learning Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-IT-SME-662 SME image processing patter recognition statistical analysis Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-IT-CON-661 Consultant energy efficiency Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-IL-RES-660 Research Center medicinal plant domestication and screening Israel 07/01/2016 SFS-23-2016, SFS 32-2017
PROF-ES-SME-653 SME transition, human and automated driving, driver monitoring Spain 21/12/2015 ART-04-2016: Safety and end-user acceptance aspects of road automation in the transition period
PROF-IT-RES-656 Research Center coastal ecosystems, productive activities, aquaculture, microalgae Italy 21/12/2015 BG-13-2016
PROF-IT-RES-657 Research Center Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry Italy 21/12/2015
PROF-IL-RES-659 Research Center aquaculture; antibiotics Israel 21/12/2015 SFS-23-2016; SFS-32-2017
PROF-IT-UNI-640 University Nanotechnology Italy 17/12/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-646 Private Organization Environment, Forests, Certification, Sustainable forest management, Chain of custody Italy 02/12/2015 Food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine and maritime and inland water research and the bioeconomy; Secure, clean and efficient energy; Climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials
PROF-IT-RES-650 Research Center legal, costumers' protection, training, research Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-651 University Refrigeration, Ejector Technology, Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability, Heat & Mass transfer, Energy storage (CAES), Irreversible Thermodynamics Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-CY-UNI-644 University breeding; Precision phenotyping ; Microbial community ; metabolites Cyprus 24/11/2015 SFS-44-2016
PROF-HU-UNI-638 University food chains; innovation in agriculture; food security; rural development Hungary 17/11/2015
PROF-IT-RES-635 Research Center Marine biogeochemistry, sediment pollution, biogeochemical cycles, marine technological development, marine pollution, Italy 16/11/2015
PROF-IT-SME-632 SME computer vision statistics optimization recognition data mining Italy 11/11/2015
PROF-IT-RES-627 Research Center Fish; Food safety; Contamination; Pesticides; PCBs; Residues of Phthalates as plasticizers; Food quality; Fatty acids; omega3; PUFAs (Polyunsaturated fatty acids); Good Laboratory Practice; Method Validation; Mass Spectrometry Italy 11/11/2015 BG-08-2017 ; SFS-23-2016 ; SFS-24-2016
PROF-IT-UNI-613 University Experimental psychology research Italy 05/11/2015 SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017: Sub-topic 5.New methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate high impact domestic violence; SC1-PM-07–2017: Promoting mental health and well-being in the young; SFS-38-2016: Impulsivity and compulsivity and the link with nutrition, lifestyle and the socio-economic environment
PROF-IT-UNI-625 University Soil physics Italy 05/11/2015
PROF-CY-UNI-617 University ocean; marine; food; sustainable; sea; blugrow; Biorefinery; aquatic biomass; blue technology Cyprus 13/10/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-616 Public Administration biomarker, water quality, offshore monitoring, biological effects of contaminants Italy 13/10/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-611 University photocatalysis; water purification; environmental remediation; pollutant degradation; modeling Italy 29/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-567 SME Web, Data, Analysis, Visualisation, Design, Graphics, Info-graphics, Video, Journalism, News, Information, Communication, Marketing, Reports, Management Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-593 Other cooperation in EU project Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-HU-SME-595 SME - Hungary 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-RES-587 Research Center food proteomic; celiac disease, food allergen, food intollerance Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-573 SME Agriculture, Rural development, Food security, Environment, Biodiversity Italy 21/07/2015
PROF-IT-SME-554 SME Consulenza sviluppo commercializzazione settore alimenatre senza glutine e intolleranze Italy 08/07/2015 Sviluppo progetto distributivo di alimenti senza glutine
PROF-IT-SME-555 SME Pyrolysis, Hydrotermal Liquefaction, Biofuel, Bio-Oil, Renewables Energy. Italy 09/06/2015 LCE-11-2014/2015 ; SC5-12-2014-2015 ; WASTE-7-2015
PROF-IT-SME-551 SME Dissemination, Comunication, Advertising, Events Italy 03/06/2015 H2020, COSME
PROF-IT-OTH-552 University Molecular spectroscopy, microwave spectroscopy; quantum chemical calculations, complex organic molecules, prebiotic precursors, biomolecular building blocks Italy 03/06/2015
PROF-IT-CON-550 Consultant design Italy 25/05/2015
PROF-GB-OTH-549 Other Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry and Related Products United Kingdom 12/05/2015 ISIB-02-2015
PROF-IT-CON-537 Consultant Veterinary Clinics, Research Italy 12/05/2015 Animal welfare and production optimization
PROF-IT-OTH-541 Other Dissemination, awareness, citizens, consumers Italy 07/05/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-534 Other Cooperation, assistance, start up, dissemination Italy 14/04/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-529 University epidemiology, data collection and analysis Italy 03/04/2015 PHC25-2015
PROF-IT-SME-522 SME Horticulture research; education and training; waste prevention Italy 31/03/2015 WASTE-7-2015; WATER-4b-2015; ISIB-12c-2015
PROF-IT-RES-518 Research Center Fishery biologist - Ecologist Italy 31/03/2015 Fishery research - Anthropic impact on marine habitats
PROF-IT-PUB-523 Public Administration Management monitoring research training Italy 31/03/2015
PROF-CY-UNI-527 University climatic change, water, ecology management, landscape Cyprus 31/03/2015 WATER-2b-2015; SC5-7-2015, SC5-10c-2015
PROF-IT-SME-515 SME rapid prototyping, embedded systems development, market research, reliability tests Italy 17/03/2015
PROF-IT-RES-512 Research Center sedimentology, stratigraphy, biogeochemistry, palinology, training, dissemination, integrated management Italy 13/03/2015
PROF-ES-RES-500 Research Center experimental farms, aromatic and medicinal plants, horticultural crops, tomato, brassicas, corn, olive, food products, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy, pilot plant, kitchen, shelf-life, sensory, environmental, waste valorisation, extraction, isolation, purification, agriculture, food, feed, cosmetic, applications, exploitation, popularization, results, SMEs, stakeholders Spain 10/03/2015 SFS-14b-2015, ISIB-02-2015, WASTE-7-2015
PROF-PL-UNI-424 Research Center microplots, greenhouse, laboratory, weather, water, potato Poland 09/02/2015 SFS-2-2014/2015; SFS-5-2014/2015
PROF-IT-PRI-427 Private Organization certification, training, management Italy 22/01/2015 SFS-18-2015, ISIB-03-2015, SFS-02b-2015
PROF-PL-UNI-452 University raw materials, papermaking, printing, wood fiber, aerogel Poland 22/01/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-439 Public Administration wheat, cereals, grains, celiac, gluten, nitrogen, roots, association mapping, QTL analysis Italy 09/01/2015
PROF-LV-UNI-448 University nutrition, food, economic performance, small farms, sustainability Latvia 09/01/2015 SFS-18
PROF-IT-UNI-403 University food technology, food innovation, analytical chemistry, eco-friendly, waste, by-products Italy 09/01/2015
PROF-LV-RES-435 Research Center substances important for human health, lunasin, GxE, pre-breeding strategies, NIR technologies. Latvia 03/12/2014 SFS-05-2015; SFS-07-2015
PROF-IT-PUB-432 Private Organization SMEs support, training, internationalization, dissemination Italy 02/12/2014
PROF-BE-OTH-425 Other agroforestry; sustainable, innovation, Belgium 21/11/2014 H2020-SFS-2015-2; H2020-ISIB-2015-2; H2020-SFS-2015-2
PROF-HU-UNI-423 University analysis, food, contamination, mycotoxin Hungary 21/11/2014 H2020-SFS-2014-2015
PROF-LV-RES-396 Research Center breeding, nutritive value, organic farming Latvia 21/11/2014 SFS-05-2015; SFS-07-2015
PROF-IT-SME-412 SME microbiology, food, antibiotics, omics Italy 21/11/2014 PHC-12-2014-1 SFS-08-2014-1 SC5-20-2014
PROF-IT-RES-417 Research Center Coastal ecosystems , Sustainable aquaculture, transfer of technology, microalgae Italy 21/11/2014 BG-02-2015, SFS-11b-2015, SC5-17-2015
PROF-ES-SME-418 SME communication, dissemination, outreach, training, impact, exploitation Spain 21/11/2014
PROF-PL-SME-419 SME environmental footprint, carbon footprint, water footprint, life cycle assessment, climate change, climate issues, corporate social responsibilities (CSR), non-financial reporting, environmental managment, sustainable cities strategy, eco-innovation, circular economy Poland 21/11/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-421 University Extrusion-cooking, bakery products, pasta, edible film, biodegradable packaging, functional food Italy 21/11/2014
PROF-RO-UNI-422 University wather, crop, monitoring, Romania 21/11/2014 sfs-13
PROF-IT-PRI-411 Other food production, agricultural, dissemination, training, certification, technical rules, standards, Italy 17/11/2014
PROF-IT-RES-406 Research Center History, Archaeology,Religion, Culture, Ethnicity, Identity, Ancient history, Culture, Society, Sociology Italy 04/11/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-390 University Genetic biodiversity, Phytoremediation, Bioremediation Italy 14/10/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-366 University root biology, plant nutrition, soilles, N metabolism, abiotic stress, biowaste, Italy 10/09/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-365 University biofuels biochemicals biomass bioenergy Italy 09/09/2014
PROF-IT-SME-358 SME Front loader - Blade - Backhoes - Implement Italy 09/09/2014
PROF-RS-RES-359 Research Center planning; architecture; enviromental; analysis Serbia 02/09/2014 H2020-EE-2015-1-PPP; H2020-EE-2015-2-RIA; H2020-SCC-2015
PROF-ES-RES-322 Research Center Automotive / Aerospace / Packaging / Food Spain 01/09/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-353 University comparative law; food law; EU law Italy 27/08/2014
PROF-RO-RES-352 Research Center environmental protection, biodiversity, climate changes, resources management, numerical modelling, GIS, waste management Romania 26/08/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-345 Public Administration Rural Development EAFRD Management agricultural services Italy 21/08/2014 BBI.VC3.F1,
PROF-IT-PUB-338 Public Administration municipality, technical, building, legal, administration Italy 21/08/2014
PROF-CY-PRI-347 Private Organization Marine and Maritime Technology and Innovation Cyprus 19/08/2014 MG-4.3-2015; H2020-BG-2015-2; BG-02-2015; H2020-BG-2015-1
PROF-IE-SME-327 SME Immunoassay and Sensor platform development Ireland 31/07/2014
PROF-PL-RES-325 Research Center water, environment, limnology, lake sediments, GIS, spatial analysis, measurements, climate change, remediation, shore zones, evaporation, nutrients, water resources, hydrology Poland 29/07/2014
PROF-IT-RES-319 Research Center : Resource efficiency and Raw Materials, renewable energy technologies, energy systems technologies, environment, sustainable use of agricultural wastes, sustainable food processing, sustainable agriculture, biotechnologies and advanced materials, biotechnological exploitation and sustainable use of fungi. Italy 22/07/2014 Waste: A resource to recycle, reuse and recover raw materials – WASTE-7-2015 – Ensuring sustainable use of agricultural waste, co-products and by-products; BIO-BASED INDUSTRY PPP - BBI.VC1.R1 – Efficient pre-treatment of lignocellulosic feedstock to advanced bio-based chemicals and biomaterials; Call for competitive low-carbon energy – LCE-21-2015 – Modelling and analyzing the energy system, its transformation and impacts.
PROF-IT-RES-318 Research Center carbon footprint, environmental footprint, water footprint, energy efficiency, energy planning, analysis and models of territory management, costs-benefits and multi-criteria analyses; territory such as strategic planning and programming, management of the territory (large area and local level), studies of environmental impacts and strategic environmental evaluation; Italy 21/07/2014 WATER-1-2014/2015, EE 2 – 2015: Buildings design for new highly energy performing buildings, EE 1 – 2014: Manufacturing of prefabricated modules for renovation of building
PROF-IT-TRA-183 Trade association environment, social, research, ecology, culture, journalism Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-155 Public Administration Networking, Training, Dissemination, New Professions, Development Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-PRI-141 Private Organization Dissemination Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-224 Public Administration Pubblic Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-238 University histology, immunohistochemistry, immunoblotting, DNA and RNA extraction, PCR, RT-PCR, real-time PCR; Southern blotting; transfection; DNA and RNA in situ hybridisation; cytogenetics; cell culture including embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, oocytes and embryos; in vitro fertilisation; gamete and preimplantation embryos micromanipulation; nuclear transfer. Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-SME-272 SME architecture, landscape, environment, energy, smart energy, smart cities Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-DE-RES-314 Research Center Information processing; Information systems; Automation; Medicine; Health; Veterinary and animal sciences; Agriculture; Measurement methods; Innovation; Technology transfer Germany 18/07/2014 SFS-01c-2015: Assessing sustainability of terrestrial livestock production
PROF-TR-UNI-313 University food quality, food technology, food chemistry, food microbiology, food parasitology, food virology, food safety, food quality, food traceability, food authenticity and antibacterial resistance Turkey 18/07/2014 H2020-ISIB-2015-2, H2020-SFS-2015-2, H2020-BBI-PPP-2014-1
PROF-IT-UNI-239 University histology; immunohistochemistry; immunoblotting; DNA and RNA extraction; PCR, RT-PCR, real-time PCR; Southern blotting; transfection; DNA and RNA in situ hybridisation; cytogenetics; cell culture including embryonic stem cells, iPS cells, oocytes and embryos; in vitro fertilisation; gamete and preimplantation embryos micromanipulation; nuclear transfer. Italy 16/07/2014
PROF-PT-UNI-264 University Microbiological sampling, PFGE, Susceptibility testing, Biofilms, Proteomics, qPCR Portugal 16/07/2014
PROF-AL-UNI-292 University Crop Production, Agricultural Mechanization Albania 16/07/2014 H2020-SFS-2015-2 H2020-ISIB-2015-1
PROF-LT-SME-309 SME management, coordination Lithuania 16/07/2014 GV-2-2014
PROF-AL-UNI-302 University protection and sustainable management of soil, sustainable environmental local and regional development Albania 16/07/2014 H2020-ISIB-2015-2 H2020-ISIB-2015-1
PROF-AL-UNI-301 University animal production, technology transfer, Albania 16/07/2014 H2020-ISIB-2015-1 H2020-ISIB-2015-2
PROF-AL-UNI-300 University mycology, bacteriology, nematology, acarology Albania 16/07/2014 H2020-ISIB-2015-1
PROF-FR-CON-299 Consultant food chain engineering France 16/07/2014 SFS-20-2015
PROF-IT-PUB-162 Public Administration services to agriculture Italy 16/07/2014 SFS-4-2014, SFS-7-2014, SFS-07a-2014
PROF-JO-RES-265 Research Center food Jordan 16/07/2014
PROF-IT-IND-298 Industry pure gas and mixture supplier, gas analysis, analytical, chemical and microbiological services Italy 16/07/2014
PROF-JO-RES-290 Research Center food Jordan 03/07/2014 H2020-SFS-2015-2 or H2020-SFS-2015-1 or PHC-04-2015
PROF-IT-SME-244 SME environmental design, bioclimatic research, urban design, architectural design Italy 03/07/2014 BG 12-2014-1, BG 12-2015-1
PROF-IT-CON-253 Consultant engineering research and consultancy services Italy 19/06/2014 EeB 2015; Water 2015; Waste 2015
PROF-ES-RES-257 Research Center Mushrooms organic fertilizers health properties biodiversity nutraceutics functional ingredients wastes Spain 19/06/2014 BIOTEC-5a-2014-1 WASTE-7-2015 SFS-02b-2015 SFS-16-2015
PROF-AL-UNI-246 University consumer health quality, natural resources sustainability Albania 11/06/2014 H2020-SFS-2015-2, H2020-ISIB-2015-1
PROF-IT-UNI-235 University Raman microspectroscopy, FTIR microspectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy. Italy 10/06/2014 PHC10 – 2014
PROF-DK-UNI-222 University culture; social organisation; risk and resilience Denmark 03/06/2014 DRS-21-2014
PROF-PL-UNI-230 University machine design, agricultural technologies, watercourses renovation, wetland protection technologies, plant protection technology, self propelled machines, prototype machines, green vehicles, CAD, FEM computation, renewable energy from agricultural waste and products Poland 03/06/2014 WATER, WASTE, GV
PROF-IT-OTH-228 Other international cooperation Italy 30/05/2014 INT-10-2015; SFS-20-2015; SFS-18-2015
PROF-AL-UNI-231 University Aquaculture, Fisheries, Aquatic Biotechnology, Food Traciability Albania 29/05/2014 BG-2014-1; SFS-2015-2; ISIB-2014-1
PROF-FR-SME-213 SME Life Cycle Assessment, Waste, Water, Eco-innovation, Energy, Innovative technology France 20/05/2014 WASTE-6-2015, WATER-1-2014/2015
PROF-TR-UNI-194 University Aquaculture Seafood Processing Fisheries Turkey 29/04/2014 SFS-2015-1 H2020-BG-2014-1 H2020-BG-2015-1
PROF-IT-SME-63 SME Environmental services Italy 17/04/2014 SC5-17-2015: Demonstrating the concept of "Citizen Observatories" ; WATER - 1 - 2014/2015: Bridging the gap: from innovative water solution to market replication; SPIRE 7 - 2015: Recovey technologies for metals and other minerals
PROF-IT-RES-191 Research Center meteorological data quality control, data rescue, agrometeorological monitoring Italy 17/04/2014 agrometeorological forecasts, climate change, Extreme events, Environmental management risk
PROF-IT-RES-188 Research Center Protected cultivation, soil solarization, biofumigation, greenhouse covering materials, mulching films, soil disinfestation, land revegetation, plant propagation, vegetable grafting, diseases, virus, floricultural crops, native plants Italy 15/04/2014 SFS-5-2015; SFS-7-2014/2015; SFS-13-2015
PROF-IT-OTH-186 Other conservation, research, education, training, dissemination Italy 14/04/2014
PROF-IT-IND-108 Industry Drug Design & Discovery, Medicinal/Computational/Analytical Chemistry, Preclinical Biosciences, In Vitro Pharmacology, CNS, Abuse Liability, Microbiology, Antibacterial, Target Validation, Assay Development, Discovery/Translational Biology, Behavioural Pharmacology, GLP, Safety Pharmacology, Safety Assessment, Toxicology, Pathology, Biomarkers, DMPK, Bioanalysis, GMP, API Development and Manufacture, Quality by Design, DoE, Solid State Chemistry, Formulation Development, Oral Dosage Form Development & Manufacture, Drug Product Manufacturing, Respiratory dosage form, Material science, Bioenhancement, Nanomilling, Hot Melt extrusion, Preformulation, BCS classification, Clinical Consulting Italy 31/03/2014 PHC 7–2014, PHC16-2015, PHC 22–2015, PHC 33–2015, HCO 4 – 2014, HCO 11 – 2015, HCO 12 – 2015,
PROF-IT-UNI-138 University food chemistry / NMR spectroscopy Italy 20/03/2014 SFS-14-2014/2015
PROF-PL-RES-77 Research Center modelling, crops, agricultural catchments Poland 27/02/2014 WATER-2-2014/2015, SFS-5-2015
PROF-IT-UNI-94 University environmental risk assessment and management, water management, Decision Support Systems, climate change impacts, international cooperation with China. Italy 27/02/2014 WATER-1-2014/2015, Water 5a 2014, Water 5c 2014
PROF-IT-PUB-92 Public Administration Land use, soil consumption, spatial and urban planning Italy 27/02/2014 SC5-10b-2014
PROF-IT-RES-81 Research Center Basalt Fiber Italy 27/02/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-75 Other pasta product technology, analytic evaluation of pasta products Italy 27/02/2014 OJ C361 of 11 December 2013 SFS-16-2015
PROF-HR-UNI-74 University ICP-OES, trace element analysis, optimizatio, design of experiment, modelling, Croatia 21/02/2014 SC5 - Climate Action
PROF-IT-OTH-79 Public Administration SFS - BG - acquaculture - fishieries Italy 19/02/2014 SFS-09-2014 -SFS-07a-2014 - SFS-19-2014 - SFS 1.2-2014
PROF-RO-RES-72 Research Center sustainable viticulture, healthy plantation Romania 17/02/2014 Native and alien pests in agriculture and forestry
PROF-RO-RES-64 Research Center Sustainable food production systems Romania 17/02/2014 SFS-1-2014/2015: Sustainable terrestrial livestock production
PROF-MT-UNI-61 University Citizens Malta 13/02/2014 BG-13-2014 Ocean literacy – Engaging with society – Social Innovation;
PROF-RO-RES-60 Research Center grapevine varieties, abiotic and biotic stress resistance, genotypes Romania 13/02/2014 SFS-07a-2014: Traditional resources for agricultural diversity and food chain
PROF-IL-SME-54 SME Pest control, environmentally friendly, practical solutions, economic losses, plant health, technology, R&D activities, SME, marketable products, dissemination Israel 13/02/2014 SFS -03a- 2014: Native and alien pests in agriculture and forestry
PROF-LV-UNI-55 University Milk breeding, production technologies, efficiency Latvia 13/02/2014 SFS-1-2014/2015 “Sustainable terrestrial livestock production”.
PROF-LV-RES-56 Research Center Agrarian and agri-food economics, Rural development; local food chains/systems Latvia 13/02/2014 SFS-19-2014; ISIB-1-2014
PROF-RO-UNI-53 University Global drivers of food security Romania 11/02/2014 - ISIB-1-2014: Provision of public goods by EU agriculture and forestry: Putting the concept into practice - ISIB-2-2014/2015: Closing the research and innovation divide: the crucial role of innovation support services and knowledge exchange - ISIB-3-2015: Unlocking the growth potential of rural areas through enhanced governance and social innovation
PROF-RO-UNI-52 University Innovative, Sustainable and Inclusive Bio-economy Romania 11/02/2014 - SFS-18-2015: Small farms but global markets: the role of small and family farms in food and nutrition security - SFS-19-2014: Sustainable food and nutrition security through evidence based EU agro-food policies - SFS-20-2015: Sustainable food chains through public policies: the cases of the EU quality policy and of public sector food procurement.
PROF-IT-SME-23 SME image processing, Earth Observation Italy 10/02/2014 FETHPC 1 HPC Core Techs, Programming Env and algorithms
PROF-IT-SME-24 SME Marine ecology, biodiversity, xenobiotics, microbiology, ecotoxicology Italy 07/02/2014 H2020-WATER-2014-2015
PROF-IT-RES-31 Research Center biosensors, nitric oxide, heavy metals, plants, senescence Italy 07/02/2014
PROF-IT-RES-35 Research Center Oceanography, Geophysics and Marine Geology, Applied Geophysics and exploration Italy 07/02/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-36 Other Innovation Economic, resources, Aggregation, Professionalization Italy 07/02/2014 Sustainable Development - Youth Education - Digital Culture
PROF-IT-RES-29 Research Center sustainable agriculture, marine research, health, renovable energies Italy 30/01/2014


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