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Health, demographic change and wellbeing

Code Organization Type Keywords Country Publication Date Topic
PROF-RO-RES-795 Research Center innovation; research center; organic inputs Romania 19/04/2017 SFS-08-2017; SFS-10-2017; SFS-17-2017
PROF-RO-RES-796 Research Center innovation; research center; organic inputs Romania 19/04/2017 SFS-08-2017; SFS-10-2017; SFS-17-2017
PROF-IT-RES-786 Research Center ICT, Signals & Images Italy 04/11/2016 SC1-PM-15-2017 SC1-PM-15-2017 SFS-39-2017
PROF-IT-PUB-775 Public Administration safety workplace work health Italy 29/09/2016
PROF-IT-RES-774 Research Center mental retardation Italy 19/08/2016 SC1-PM-03-2017 : Diagnostic rare diseases
PROF-IT-RES-747 Research Center NGS Panels: epilepsy (90 genes); Neurofibromatosis panel (3 genes, KIT, NF1, SPRED1); Leukoencephalopathy (41 genes); RASopathies (14 genes); Ichthyosis (44 genes); Dementia (16 genes); Learning Disability (15 genes). Italy 06/07/2016 SC1-PM-03-2017 : Diagnostic rare diseases
PROF-IT-RES-750 Research Center ICT, software development Italy 06/07/2016 SC1-PM-12-2016: PCP - eHealth innovation in empowering the patient; SC1-PM-13-2016: PPI for deployment and scaling up of ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing;SC1-PM-14-2016: EU-Japan cooperation on Novel ICT Robotics based solutions for active and healthy ageing at home or in care facilities.
PROF-IT-RES-751 Research Center Intellectual Disability, Autism, Dementia, ICT Italy 06/07/2016 SC1-PM-12-2016: PCP - eHealth innovation in empowering the patient; SC1-PM-13-2016: PPI for deployment and scaling up of ICT solutions for active and healthy ageing; SC1-PM-14-2016: EU-Japan cooperation on Novel ICT Robotics based solution for active and healthy ageing at home or in care facilities
PROF-IT-UNI-753 University organic synthesis; green chemistry Italy 06/07/2016
PROF-IT-RES-754 Research Center Research, Clinical Trial, Skin Cancers, Melanoma, Cancerization Fields, Psoriasis, Metastasis, Regenerative Medicine, Cell Cultures, Skin Equivalents, Metabolomic, NMR, Material Biocompatibility Italy 23/06/2016
PROF-IT-RES-744 Research Center sleep disorders, dementia, adult neurology Italy 09/06/2016
PROF-IT-RES-745 Research Center Mental retardation; brain aging. Italy 09/06/2016 SC1-PM-03-2017 : Diagnostic rare diseases; cerebrovascular diseases; sleep disorders.
PROF-IT-OTH-739 Other psychology; psychotherapy; training Italy 09/06/2016
PROF-NO-UNI-391 University Analytical characterization of samples and processes Norway 01/06/2016 SFS, BG, RUR
PROF-IT-PRI-683 Private Organization Social Farming in psychiatry Italy 17/05/2016 SC1 – PM - 07- 2017 SC1- PM-10-2017
PROF-IT-RES-706 Research Center research, mental disease, prevention, diagnosis. Italy 17/05/2016 SC1-PM-03-2017
PROF-IT-RES-711 Research Center research, mental disease, prevention, diagnosis. Italy 17/05/2016 SC1-PM-03-2017
PROF-IT-RES-734 Research Center Health, demographic change and wellbeing Italy 17/05/2016 sc1-pm-03-2017
PROF-DE-SME-727 SME Applied games, serious games, gamification, app development, software development, 2D and 3D design, UI design Germany 17/05/2016 ICT-2016-2017, SC1-2016-2017, ART-2016-2017
PROF-IE-RES-731 Research Center Bioactives, cosmetics, functional ingredients, algae, biomass, valorisation, mammalian cell culture, regenerative medicine, food, SME's, claims, commercilisaiton. Exploiting algae and other aquatic biomass for production of molecules for pharma, nutraceutic, food additives and cosmetic applications Ireland 09/05/2016 BBI 2016.F1; BBI 2016.R9
PROF-HU-SME-715 SME Data, Big Data, Data Management, Statistics, Medicine, Health, Biotechnology, Life sciences, Food Hungary 24/03/2016
PROF-IT-UNI-634 University Pharmacovigilance, drugs, pharmacology, ICT for medicine, natural products, medical data, pharamcological data Italy 21/03/2016 SC1-PM-12–2016, SC1-PM-13–2016, SC1-PM-15-2017
PROF-IT-UNI-695 University Bio-Based Industries, Biomass, By-products Italy 17/02/2016 BB-2016-2017, SFS-2016-2017, RUR-2016-2017
PROF-IT-SME-690 SME Semantic analysis, big data analysis, entity recognition, semantic search, categorization Italy 15/02/2016 ICT-14 2016-2017 Big Data PPP: cross-sectorial and cross-lingual data integration and experimentation
PROF-IT-RES-688 Research Center Structural and Computational biology, Drug and Vaccine discovery and development, Biomedical devices, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, Neuroscience Italy 15/02/2016
PROF-IT-SME-689 SME video production , communication, web, tv Italy 15/02/2016
PROF-IT-UNI-664 University host-pathogen interaction; zoonoses; Cystic fibrosis Italy 07/01/2016
PROF-SK-UNI-311 University languages, communication, cultures, cultural heritage, cultural literacy, interculturality, intercomprehension, identities, genre, European citizenship, democratic discourses, history, migration, young generation, innovation, plurilinguism, media, education and training, literary science, philosophy, human rights, applied ethics, sociology Slovakia 29/12/2015 UNDERSTANDING EUROPE - PROMOTING THE EUROPEAN PUBLIC AND CULTURAL SPACE; REVERSING INEQUALITIES AND PROMOTING FAIRNESS; Secure societies – Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens
PROF-IT-RES-657 Research Center Analytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry Italy 21/12/2015
PROF-IT-RES-650 Research Center legal, costumers' protection, training, research Italy 02/12/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-639 University ICT solutions for disabilities Italy 27/11/2015 ICT-23-2015
PROF-IT-RES-628 Research Center gastroenterology, liver diseases, physiopathology, oncology, nutrition, immunology, animal facility, trial center Italy 09/11/2015 SC1-PM-04-2016; SC1-PM-09-2016; SC1-PM-10-2017
PROF-GB-UNI-619 University Social Psychology; Citizenship; Inequality; Integration; Mixed-methods research United Kingdom 09/11/2015 REV-INEQUAL-07-2016; REV-INEQUAL-05-2016; CULT-COOP-10-2017
PROF-IT-PRI-618 Private Organization HIV chronic conditions social support Italy 09/11/2015 SC1-PM-21-2016
PROF-IT-PRI-589 Private Organization - Italy 09/11/2015
PROF-IT-SME-582 SME Genetics, Psychiatry, Housing Italy 09/11/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-568 University Pharmacokinetics Italy 09/11/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-566 University Pain pathophysiology, pain recognition, pain treatment Italy 09/11/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-613 University Experimental psychology research Italy 05/11/2015 SEC-07-FCT-2016-2017: Sub-topic 5.New methods to prevent, investigate and mitigate high impact domestic violence; SC1-PM-07–2017: Promoting mental health and well-being in the young; SFS-38-2016: Impulsivity and compulsivity and the link with nutrition, lifestyle and the socio-economic environment
PROF-AT-RES-355 Research Center organisation of public and stakeholder engagement activities Austria 25/09/2015 ISSI.3.2015; ISSI.4.2015
PROF-IT-RES-600 Research Center Computational models, developmental robotics, hierarchical sensorimotor architectures, embodied cognition, intrinsic and estrinsic motivations, neural networks, reinforcement learning, plasticity, motor control, active vision, Parkinson, autism, impulsive control disorder Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-604 SME industrial design, CRM, entrepreneurship studies Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-603 SME Communication, Dissemination, Health, Medicine, Science Italy 17/09/2015
PROF-IT-SME-592 SME in-vitro diagnostics, virology, immunology Italy 02/09/2015 PHC 12-15, ICT-26
PROF-IT-OTH-593 Other cooperation in EU project Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-RES-587 Research Center food proteomic; celiac disease, food allergen, food intollerance Italy 02/09/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-579 Public Administration Health, Research, International Cooperation Italy 21/07/2015
PROF-GR-RES-576 Research Center Health, Education, Training, Information, research Greece 20/07/2015
PROF-IT-IND-553 Industry dialysis, cronic and acute renal failure, Italy 03/06/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-541 Other Dissemination, awareness, citizens, consumers Italy 07/05/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-534 Other Cooperation, assistance, start up, dissemination Italy 14/04/2015
PROF-IT-CON-526 Other Innovative and sustainable health development Italy 08/04/2015 PHC-29-2015
PROF-IT-UNI-529 University epidemiology, data collection and analysis Italy 03/04/2015 PHC25-2015
PROF-BE-OTH-516 Other patronage, management, labour law, welfare, unemployment, social dialogue, Belgium 27/03/2015
PROF-IT-SME-510 SME hardware acceleration dna sequence alignment fpga mapping Italy 13/03/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-458 SME alcohol, drugs, health promotion, young people Italy 03/03/2015 PHC-21-2015; H2020-YOUNG-SOCIETY-2015
PROF-IT-OTH-461 Other homelessness Italy 03/03/2015 homelessness
PROF-IT-TRA-471 Trade association Services for companies Italy 26/02/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-493 Other acquired brain injury, rehabilitation, learining disability, school, children, family, migrants, cultural mediation, social housing, vocational training, social worker, clinical expert, rehabilitation centre Italy 26/02/2015
PROF-IT-UNI-496 University Human-machine interaction; cognitive control of performance; ? Computer assisted assessment of neuropsychological functions; ? Neural correlates of early stages of attention; ? Racial Bias effects in face perception Italy 26/02/2015 H2020-MSCA-RISE-2015; H2020-PHC-2015; H2020-ICT
PROF-IT-RES-495 Research Center mathematical modelling, computational methods, biological flow, hemodynamics, drug delivery, stem cells, biomedical devices Italy 20/02/2015
PROF-IT-RES-446 Research Center Studies, Research, Data collection, Economic analysis, Social research, Cultural research, Questionnaire, Statistical analysis, Applied research, Basic research, Report Writing, Surveys, Qualitative analysis, Education, Training, Labour market, Business, Development, Politics, Gender, Rights, Migration, Mobility, Family, Social exlusion, Crime, Violence, Mass Media Italy 20/01/2015
PROF-IT-SME-449 SME embedded electronics hardware firmware software sensors IOT wireless Italy 19/01/2015
PROF-IT-PUB-439 Public Administration wheat, cereals, grains, celiac, gluten, nitrogen, roots, association mapping, QTL analysis Italy 09/01/2015
PROF-IT-OTH-442 Other blind, visually impaired Italy 19/12/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-440 Other social and health field, local expertise Italy 19/12/2014
PROF-PL-UNI-437 University SOA systems; mobile and multimedia communication systems, Big Data, cognitive computing, visualization and image processing; telemedicine, AAL-systems Poland 18/12/2014 PHC-21-2015: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: Early risk detection and intervention · PHC-25-2015: Advanced ICT systems and services for integrated care · PHC-27-2015: Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICT · PHC-28-2015: Self management of health and disease and decision support systems based on predictive computer modelling used by the patient him or herself · PHC-29-2015: Public procurement of innovative eHealth services · PHC-30-2015: Digital representation of health data to improve disease diagnosis and treatment
PROF-IT-UNI-415 University psychometrics, psychology, assessment, test, chronic disease, sport, cognition, emotion, Self Efficacy, diabetes, Parkinson, obesity, education, active ageing, lifestyle changes. Italy 18/12/2014 ICT 20, PHC 21, PHC 25
PROF-IT-CON-434 SME architecture, landscape, environment, energy, smart energy, smart cities Italy 03/12/2014
PROF-IE-RES-407 Research Center The Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, Data Analytics, Sensors and the Sensor Web, Network analysis, Decision Support and Optimization, and HealthCare & Life Sciences. Ireland 02/12/2014
PROF-IT-SME-408 SME Mobile Computing, Internet of Things, Big Data & Analytics, Data Security, Cloud Computing and Future Internet, Data Centers, Virtualization, and Telepresence Italy 02/12/2014
PROF-SK-UNI-429 University Monitoring of Roma minority health status; Anthropological and population studies of Roma minority; Screening incidence of genetically determined diseases; Identification of interpopulation differences in mutation frequencies ; SNP association studies; Rare disease mapping Slovakia 28/11/2014
PROF-IT-SME-412 SME microbiology, food, antibiotics, omics Italy 21/11/2014 PHC-12-2014-1 SFS-08-2014-1 SC5-20-2014
PROF-ES-SME-418 SME communication, dissemination, outreach, training, impact, exploitation Spain 21/11/2014
PROF-IT-PRI-385 Private Organization Business Incubator - Training and communication - Technology Transfer - Search energy efficiency and environment Italy 04/11/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-80 University diagnosing bioptic or surgical tissue specimens, immunophenotypical analysis on paraffin tissue, in situ hybridization molecular tests Italy 24/10/2014 PHC 12-2014 2015, PHC 14-2015, PHC 25-2015, PHC 30-2015,
PROF-ES-PRI-373 Private Organization Mental Health; Indenpendet Living; Ageing Spain 24/10/2014 PHC20-29
PROF-IT-PRI-388 Private Organization medicine, nanotechnology, nutrition and wellness, oncology, engineering and new innovative technologies Italy 24/10/2014 PHC - 24 - 2015
PROF-IT-UNI-397 University angiogenesis, tumor therapy, in vitro models, in vivo models, endothelium Italy 24/10/2014
PROF-IT-IND-372 Industry float valvesand flushing system Italy 16/10/2014
PROF-IT-SME-383 SME healt, alimentation, diet, elderly, diabetic Italy 02/10/2014 Healt - Elderly - Communication technologies
PROF-IT-SME-279 SME Health care services; psychological and personalized treatment; management of assistance facilities Italy 01/09/2014
PROF-IN-UNI-343 University Study design, Acquiring and analyzing data, publication India 21/08/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-338 Public Administration municipality, technical, building, legal, administration Italy 21/08/2014
PROF-GB-SME-346 SME 3D cell culturing United Kingdom 21/08/2014 PHC-33, PHC-16 and PHC-15
PROF-HR-SME-331 SME IoT; eGovernment; eHealth; Mobile, Mobility; Postal business optimization; ; Public services optimization Croatia 30/07/2014 ICT 8 – 2015; ICT 16 – 2015; ICT 30 – 2015; SCC 1; PHC 21
PROF-HR-SME-330 SME Big Data research and application; IoT; eHealth; Mobile, Mobility; Software Development; eGovernment Croatia 30/07/2014 ICT 8 – 2015; ICT 16 – 2015; ICT 30 – 2015; SCC 1; PHC 21
PROF-SK-SME-324 SME GIS HQSE mobile guard senior Slovakia 29/07/2014 FCT-10-2014 FCT-12-2014 PHC-24-2015
PROF-DE-SME-326 SME Telemedicine, e-learning, e-health, web-based, databases Germany 29/07/2014
PROF-CY-SME-328 SME Linguistics Cyprus 29/07/2014
PROF-TR-UNI-316 University Development of advanced signal and image processing techniques, Multimodal imaging of brain anatomy, Experience in the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative disorders, Easy access to a large group of aging population,Facilitation of multidisciplinary (translational) studies among a wide range of scientists from molecular biology, engineering, physiologists, pharmacologists and clinicians. Turkey 22/07/2014 H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage, H2020-PHC-2015-one-stage, H2020-HCO-2015
PROF-IT-SME-315 SME communication, human sciences, counseling, psychology, psychotherapy, active ageing, young Italy 21/07/2014 ISSI-2014-1, SEAC-1-2014, REFLECTIVE-7-2014
PROF-TR-UNI-317 University Development of advanced signal and image processing techniques, Multimodal imaging of brain anatomy, Experience in the diagnosis and management of neurodegenerative disorders, Easy access to a large group of aging population,Facilitation of multidisciplinary (translational) studies among a wide range of scientists from molecular biology, engineering, physiologists, pharmacologists and clinicians. Turkey 21/07/2014 H2020-PHC-2015-two-stage, H2020-PHC-2015-one-stage, H2020-HCO-2015
PROF-IT-PRI-141 Private Organization Dissemination Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-224 Public Administration Pubblic Italy 18/07/2014
PROF-DE-SME-267 SME Finite-Element-Method, structural health monitoring, active vibration/noise control, airplane crash, earthquake Germany 18/07/2014
PROF-IT-RES-268 Research Center clinical research - basic research in the field of IBD Italy 18/07/2014 Chronic disease - Pediatric inflammatory bowel diseases
PROF-IT-UNI-297 University High spatial resolution scintigraphic detectors Italy 18/07/2014 PHC 11 – 2015
PROF-IT-OTH-312 Other Multiple Sclerosis, rehabilitation, mhealth, monitoring, personalizing, public health, integration, advocacy, end-user vision Italy 18/07/2014 HP-PJ-03, PHC-24,PHC-27,PHC-28
PROF-LT-SME-309 SME management, coordination Lithuania 16/07/2014 GV-2-2014
PROF-JO-RES-265 Research Center food Jordan 16/07/2014
PROF-IT-SME-303 SME Washing, sterilisation, filling, ISBM, inspection and quality control systems Italy 16/07/2014 FET-OPEN - NOVEL IDEAS FOR RADICALLY NEW TECHNOLOGIES; Call – Growing a Low Carbon, Resource Efficient Economy with a Sustainable Supply of Raw Materials;
PROF-PL-UNI-294 University violence Poland 09/07/2014 social science, demographic change, heatlh
PROF-IT-RES-277 Research Center molecular and cellular biology; confocal microscopy; two hybrid Italy 09/07/2014
PROF-GR-SME-287 SME ICT, mobile apps Greece 09/07/2014
PROF-IT-RES-286 Research Center host-microbiota interactions 2) innate immune response and inflammation 3) epigenetics and inflammation 4) non-invasive biomarkers of intestinal inflammation Italy 09/07/2014
PROF-IT-SME-285 SME domotics-ICT expertise and high level of electronic boards development Italy 09/07/2014 Ambient Assisted Living/Domotics and Meccatronics
PROF-IT-PUB-282 Public Administration Management monitoring research training Italy 09/07/2014
PROF-IT-CON-281 Consultant Management monitoring research training Italy 09/07/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-280 University Pediatric, endocrinology Italy 09/07/2014
PROF-JO-RES-290 Research Center food Jordan 03/07/2014 H2020-SFS-2015-2 or H2020-SFS-2015-1 or PHC-04-2015
PROF-IT-SME-256 SME medical devices; traumatology; orthipedic devices Italy 27/06/2014 H2020-PHC-2014-2015; PHC-16-2015; HCO-06-2015;
PROF-IT-PUB-245 Public Administration health social management Italy 27/06/2014 PHC 21 PCH 24 PCH 27
PROF-IT-UNI-235 University Raman microspectroscopy, FTIR microspectroscopy, Atomic Force Microscopy. Italy 10/06/2014 PHC10 – 2014
PROF-FI-RES-237 Research Center research, management Finland 04/06/2014 PHC 21 – 2015: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: Early risk detection and intervention PHC 24 – 2015: Piloting personalised medicine in health and care systems PHC 27 – 2015: Self-management of health and disease and patient empowerment supported by ICT
PROF-IT-SME-206 SME SMEs in H2020 Italy 26/05/2014
PROF-CY-SME-217 SME Research, Development, ICT, Telecommunications, Space, Health Cyprus 26/05/2014
PROF-IT-PUB-221 Public Administration 1. ICT 2. DIGITAL AGENDA 3. E-HEALTH 4. OPEN GOVERNMENT Italy 26/05/2014
PROF-ES-SME-214 SME business intelligence, APP, API, software, tool, DashBoard, web-APP Spain 15/05/2014 MG, FoF, EeB, EE, PHC, ICT
PROF-IT-UNI-211 University drosophila, fat, metabolism, myc, cancer, obesity, huntington Italy 12/05/2014
PROF-IT-UNI-179 University educational sciences Italy 12/05/2014
PROF-IT-SME-111 SME dissemination,horizon 2020, marketing, exploitation Italy 09/05/2014 Supporting in proposals, dissemination, communication, public and institutional relations.
PROF-IT-PRI-202 Private Organization sustainable development, equal opportunities Italy 28/04/2014
PROF-IT-RES-188 Research Center Protected cultivation, soil solarization, biofumigation, greenhouse covering materials, mulching films, soil disinfestation, land revegetation, plant propagation, vegetable grafting, diseases, virus, floricultural crops, native plants Italy 15/04/2014 SFS-5-2015; SFS-7-2014/2015; SFS-13-2015
PROF-IT-OTH-186 Other conservation, research, education, training, dissemination Italy 14/04/2014
PROF-SI-UNI-181 University data analytics, data mining and big data Slovenia 07/04/2014 ICT: 15, 16, 20, 21, 32; EUB 1, 2; EUJ 1; FETHPC 1; LCE 7; PHC 21, 28, 30; MG.5.3
PROF-IT-PUB-173 Public Administration Public health, training, research, Italy 03/04/2014 All
PROF-IT-IND-108 Industry Drug Design & Discovery, Medicinal/Computational/Analytical Chemistry, Preclinical Biosciences, In Vitro Pharmacology, CNS, Abuse Liability, Microbiology, Antibacterial, Target Validation, Assay Development, Discovery/Translational Biology, Behavioural Pharmacology, GLP, Safety Pharmacology, Safety Assessment, Toxicology, Pathology, Biomarkers, DMPK, Bioanalysis, GMP, API Development and Manufacture, Quality by Design, DoE, Solid State Chemistry, Formulation Development, Oral Dosage Form Development & Manufacture, Drug Product Manufacturing, Respiratory dosage form, Material science, Bioenhancement, Nanomilling, Hot Melt extrusion, Preformulation, BCS classification, Clinical Consulting Italy 31/03/2014 PHC 7–2014, PHC16-2015, PHC 22–2015, PHC 33–2015, HCO 4 – 2014, HCO 11 – 2015, HCO 12 – 2015,
PROF-PL-SME-170 SME radiology and teleradiology Poland 28/03/2014 PHC 11; PHC 26; PHC 30
PROF-TR-UNI-167 University ICT based healthcare Turkey 28/03/2014 ICT based Healthcare
PROF-SI-OTH-168 Other Assessment of needs, Lobbying, advocacy, Surveys and focus groups, Pilot testing, Dissemination and exploitation. Slovenia 28/03/2014 ict; PHC 19- 29
PROF-IT-OTH-154 Other anthropological field, health, psychology Italy 24/03/2014
PROF-IT-SME-132 SME ICT Applications, Big data, Analytics, Mobile Application, User Profiling, Project management methodologies Italy 21/03/2014
PROF-IT-RES-121 Research Center zoonosis, Illumina MiSeq machine Italy 20/03/2014 PHC 7-2014
PROF-IT-RES-118 Research Center Rehabilitation, neurological, pulmonary, cardiac, robotics, bioengineering, mechanical ventilation Italy 13/03/2014
PROF-IT-SME-103 SME ICT Applications, Big data, Cloud Medicine, Pharmacology, Health, Healthcare service delivery, Project management methodologies Italy 11/03/2014 PHC 25-2015 or PHC 26-2014
PROF-BG-IND-98 Industry mobile/web applications; gamification; popular technologies; advanced architecture paradigms; EaaS; IoT Bulgaria 28/02/2014 ICT1- ICT 11- ICT 2- PHC21-PHC 26- SCC1
PROF-IT-OTH-89 University Drug discovery-translational research in cancer-proteomics Italy 27/02/2014 PHC 10-2014
PROF-IT-UNI-94 University environmental risk assessment and management, water management, Decision Support Systems, climate change impacts, international cooperation with China. Italy 27/02/2014 WATER-1-2014/2015, Water 5a 2014, Water 5c 2014
PROF-IT-UNI-86 University optimization, big data, machine learning Italy 27/02/2014
PROF-IT-IND-88 Private Organization elderly, end-user organization, Assistive technologies Italy 26/02/2014 PHC19-2014; PHC20-2014; PHC21-2014
PROF-HR-UNI-74 University ICP-OES, trace element analysis, optimizatio, design of experiment, modelling, Croatia 21/02/2014 SC5 - Climate Action
PROF-IT-UNI-58 University dentistry, laser, thermal analysis, enzymes, periodontal research, 3d printers Italy 14/02/2014 Dentistry, Thermal Analysis, Enzymatic activity
PROF-IT-UNI-59 University dental materials, Thermal analysis, Enzymatic analysis Italy 14/02/2014 Dental materials, Medical Chemistry, Enzymatic activity
PROF-IT-RES-4 Research Center Housing, Technology, Independence, Elderly Italy 07/02/2014
PROF-IT-RES-38 Research Center Biostatistics, Biomarkers, Bioassays, Quality Control, Statistical Analysis Italy 07/02/2014 PHC 10-2014, PHC 12-2014/2015
PROF-IT-SME-43 SME Learning, Training, Content Management, Knowledge management, Mobile, LMS, LCMS Italy 07/02/2014
PROF-IT-RES-29 Research Center sustainable agriculture, marine research, health, renovable energies Italy 30/01/2014
PROF-IT-OTH-32 Other radiolabelling, PET, PRRT, microPET Italy 30/01/2014
PROF-IT-SME-30 SME 1. In vitro diagnostics 2. biomarkers discovery 3. autoimmune diseases 4. peptide synthesis Italy 28/01/2014 PHC10 – 2014: Development of new diagnostic tools and technologies: in vitro devices, assays and platforms PHC12 – 2014 and 2015: Clinical validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices
PROF-AZ-RES-26 Research Center ICT, mathematical modelling Azerbaijan 27/01/2014 ICT 23 – 2014, PHC 10 – 2014, SC5-1-2014
PROF-IE-RES-28 Research Center IT management, IT resources, Ireland 27/01/2014 PHC26: Enabling citizens to manage their own health and improve the cost-effectiveness of healthcare outside of institutions
PROF-IE-RES-27 Research Center ICT solutions, independent living, cognitive impairment Ireland 27/01/2014 PHC 20 – 2014: Advancing active and healthy ageing with ICT: ICT solutions for independent living with cognitive impairment
PROF-IL-SME-18 SME Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), Sequence Analysis, Bioinformatics, Genomic Profiling, Stratification, Algorithm Development, 'Omics', Personalized Medicine, Rare Disease, Pharmacogenomics, Cancer, Whole Genome/Exome Sequence Analysis, Data Storage Israel 23/01/2014 PHC 1 PHC 5 PHC 10 PHC 24 PHC 32
PROF-IL-SME-13 SME mHealth, eHealth, Social Inclusion, healthy ageing, autism, Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Parkinson, ALS, speech therapy, speech impairment Israel 23/01/2014 PHC 19-2014, PHC 20-2014, PCH 21-2015,PHC 22, PHC 25- 2015, PHC 26 - 2014; PHC 27 - 2015, PHC 28 - 2015, PHC 30 - 2015, PHC 31- 2015, INSO 8 - 2014
PROF-IL-SME-7 SME cGMP; Stem cell; CMO; Production; Expansion Israel 23/01/2014 PHC15 (2015): Clinical research on regenerative medicine


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